The quintessential intercultural learner, teacher, and trainer: A preliminary profile of L. Robert Kohls

L. Robert Kohls was recognized as one of the five most important intercultural authors in the 1991 SIETAR survey and has been referred to as “America’s Leading Interculturalist.” This article explores the focus and influence of Kohls, providing a biography of his background, education, and professional contributions, primarily in his special interest area of developing understanding in intercultural relations and models and applications for intercultural training. Kohls’ legacy is considered from multiple perspectives: (1) his contribution to intercultural training foundations as seen through the citation influence of his publications; (2) his popularization of the field of intercultural communication by putting complex theories into practical, applicable resources and training packages; (3) his promotion of cultural-specific analysis and understanding of American and Korean cultures; (4) his being a life-long learner and author, continuing to develop many unfinished course/training materials for publication up to his death; and (5) his being a trainer who motivated and modeled empathy and compassion through his art of living and serving. A preliminary reading list of Kohls’ publications is provided to supplement this overview of an exemplary intercultural statesman, trainer, and caring human being.


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